Field Goal Kicking Tips

Field goal kicking tips seem to litter the Internet these days, especially YouTube, where instructional style videos are a dime a dozen.

Kicking Clinic Atlanta, GAJust search for anything field goal related and you will probably find yet another version of some one demonstrating a field goal.

However, kicking field goals is much different than tips on say, tying a chair cover bow video.

There are tips to try something a bit different than you have been recently as a kicker, sure, but one concept without a firm grasp of another might actually hurt a budding kicker more than help.

The issue with field goal kicking tips is that in order to offer them, we really need to know what type of pointers you are looking for!

Football Kicking Holder: ColossusSo, we will throw out a few nuggets for both the beginner and the advanced kicker (or kicker want to be).

First off the beginning kicker is generally looking for field goal kicking tips that just help him kick the ball.  That is, he wants to go from not being able to kick at all (or maybe never kicked a football) to a comfort level on which he can build a potential kicking career (high school or otherwise).

The advanced kicker however, wants to kick the ball better.

That is, he wants to make more field goals, not just make A field goal.  He wants to kick the ball further than he does today.  He wants to MAKE more attempts than he makes today.

Let’s face it, all kickers can benefit from solid field goal kicking tips no matter where they are in the kicking quest.

Beginner Field Goal kicking Tips

Lets start with the beginner. This is the kicker who doesn’t know, or just isn’t quite sure exactly which part of the ball to kick. He also might not be sure which part of the foot he should be using when kicking field goals. Tips for this kicker are fairly easy.

Mr. Beginner in search of field goal kicking tips, let me introduce you to the instep. This is not your average game of kick ball so no TOE allowed! The instep is a part of the foot that some of you NEVER considered might be used to kick a ball, let alone a football.

Secret Weapon, The NavicularSo, where and what is the instep?

If you will reach down and feel your foot right now, there is a bone on the top of your foot that you can feel plain as day.

It’s called the navicular bone, and its one the inside of the top of your foot as you look from the top down (that would be the left side of your right foot or the right side of your left foot).

If you are making contact with any other part of the foot when contacting the ball, you are not kicking soccer style, which is the standard for field goal kicking today.

Some beginners think that kicking offer style means starting the approach to the ball from the side rather than directly behind the ball. However, this is not what makes a soccer style kick because they are still kicking the ball with their toe!

No, it’s about the contact. If you kick with the instep then you will have to approach from the side, naturally.

Field Goal Kicking Tips For Advanced Place Kickers

So, that’s one of our field goal kicking tips for beginners, but what about advanced? The biggest mistake I see made has to do with preparation before each kick. Simply put, advanced kickers want the same kicks every time, but they don’t DO the same thing with every kick.

Get used to treating a kick more like an event. Start your kick preparation over at the side line and prep the same way every single time. I’m shocked at how simple this concept is, but how many kickers only consider the kick once the swing is in motion. It’s too late by then!

For more field goal kicking tips, sign up for an FGK kicking membership for online coaching and field goal kicking community training!

Happy kicking!

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Scott Sisson
Scott Sisson was the kicker for the 1990 Georgia Tech national championship team. He was drafted into the NFL in 1992 and finished his professional career with the Minnesota Vikings in 1996. Today Scott is a Lou Groza voting panelist for the annual Placekicking Award which selects the nation’s top field goal kicker each year.