Scott is a great kicking coach! His knowledge and approach to teaching are top shelf. He focuses on the fundamentals, and works with each athlete to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Once he has that intel, he breaks it down, via video, and then has drills to work towards getting better each outing. Scott has a wonderful, positive attitude, and enjoys watching his students improve and gain the confidence to perform under the lights.
M & J Morrison, Private Lessons
Most other kicking camps merely evalulate players, offering very little if any actual instruction. Scott Sisson and Scott Blair offer a very unique approach to instruction with Field goal kicker online. Their approach allows kickers around the country to send kicking video to where the video is processed by their software indicating the various weaknesses and strong points.This provides both Scotts with what’s needed to establish the proper training program for each individual to develop the correct technique. They also offer individual training and small or mini group instruction. Both Scotts are highly qualified . Scott Sisson four year starter at Georgia Tech, and played in the NFL. While Scott Blair, also a Georgia Tech alumni and four year kicker. Many players cannot afford to travel all over the country for instruction. Scotts training is very affordable whether online or in person. Scotts training has allowed Parker to develop the correct technique and consistency, allowing him to become one of the best kickers in the country for his age.
We highly recommend trying
Thanks again, The Hannon Family
J. Hannon, Private Lesson Parent
Coach Scott is by far one of the greatest kicking coaches that I’ve worked with, hands down! I hope to work with him for many years to come. I walk away from each lesson knowing that I’m a better kicker because of him!!!
O. Curvin, Private Lesson Student
After our son’s first lesson with Coach Scott we knew he was a perfect fit. He evaluated Ocean’s technique and then spent the rest of their time together showing him how to improve on every aspect of the skill. His ability to adapt his coaching to a kickers natural style is just one of the aspects that makes him such a great coach! Coach Scott changed Ocean’s approach to kicking by showing him the correct fundamentals and how to continue those practices once he left the lesson.
Curvin Parents, Private Lesson Parents
While working with our son, Scott Sisson showed remarkable expertise and patience. The technique tweaks Scott identified, has enabled Andrew to increase distance and accuracy. My wife and I could not recommend Coach Sisson more to other aspiring kickers.
E. Barnes, Private Lesson Parent
We were immediately impressed with Scott’s experience and background at the college and pro level. Being able to have my son work with someone of Scott’s talent has been incredible. What is even more impressive, however, is Scott’s honest desire to help Blake get better. His genuine interest in his success is invaluable. Thanks Scott.
J. Butterworth, Private Lesson Parent
Scott talks to the kids, not at them. He also doesn’t try to change their style, he works with that and goes from there. He’s definitely made a difference for our son.
Parent, Private Lesson
We have been talking about contacting you for weeks to schedule some time but with all of the academic and extra curricular requirements, our weeks have been crazy. Sorry for not responding immediately, however, I did complete the registration this morning so that he can join you on Sunday. He is excited and looking forward to coming!
Parent, Private Lesson
Thanks so much for working with Andrew yesterday. He says he learned a lot. We have a membership to the website, so I know we can send videos, and you can give input from those. We think he should meet with you again sometime in the Spring prior to football cranking up again to make sure things are as they should be with his technique.
Parent, Private Lesson