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FGK Client Testimonials

Thanks so much for working with Andrew yesterday. He says he learned a lot. We have a membership to the website, so I know we can send videos, and you can give input from those. We think he should meet with you again sometime in the Spring prior to football cranking up again to make sure things are as they should be with his technique.
Private Lesson Student Parent
We have been talking about contacting you for weeks to schedule some time but with all of the academic and extra curricular requirements, our weeks have been crazy. Sorry for not responding immediately, however, I did complete the registration this morning so that he can join you on Sunday. He is excited and looking forward to coming!
Private Lesson Student Parent
Scott talks to the kids, not at them. He also doesn’t try to change their style, he works with that and goes from there. He’s definitely made a difference for our son.
Private Lesson Student Parent
Just thought you would want to know that your student Victor this past Friday night was 2 for 2 on FG’s. 38 yrd and 41 yrds. (the 38yrd was still a high snap and cleared it half way up the post. The 41 yrd was strong and cleared it at top of post with both down the middle. I posted them on my facebook page too.
Private Lesson Student Parent
Hey wanted you to know that KEVIN booted a career long 47 yarder last night. Created huge momentum swing, breaking a 7-7 tie. It would have been good from 50+! I’ll try to crop out the video and send it to ya. Thank you so much for working with him. More to come!
Private Student's Athletic Director / Head Coach


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