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Field Goal Kicker Online (FGK Online) Offers Kicking Instruction in TWO WAYS.

Learning to kick field goals has always been a challenge for young kicking students. Unlike most sports, including tennis and golf for instance, there simply isn’t a pro on every neighborhood court or course in town. Kickers who have REAL life experience in college and in the NFL, who actually love to teach, are few and far between.

We should know! As kicking coaches today for, we were once students ourselves. It took years of trial and error with no consistent help or direction from anyone who had ‘real’ experience.

We had the huge, mega-student kicking camps each summer, of course. Those were the few days each year we could have access to successful, knowledgeable experts who had kicked at the very top levels.  We could watch experts up-close and ask questions and understand as they found ways to break field goal kicking into manageable, bite sized chunks of learning. With reinforcement from camp peers and other instructors it all started to make sense! Then, we would return home and only remember bits and pieces.  We had no easy reference material to fill in the blanks. Like drinking from a fire hose….too much instruction, TOO FAST, and then nothing till next year!

At FGK online, we want to provide resource material, workout assistance and troubleshooting assistance that is always available, with experts on hand. Parents, we are here for you too. We know there are many of you who spend time on the field with your kids, running down footballs, wondering what you can do to help your child be successful.

The kicking process has many moving parts, similar to a golf swing, or a tennis game. Would you expect to walk away a competitive golf player after two lessons?

A quick scan of kicking lesson websites from truly EXPERIENCED providers show lessons starting over $300 for a minimum two lesson introduction in a single weekend. Yikes. Even after a lesson on the field with an expert, how much REALLY sticks without repetitive long-term exposure to the finer details? Most kickers waste years trying to ‘figure it out’ on their own and end up developing poor practice habits. (FGK) is MORE than a traditional lesson on the field. We don’t turn you out on your own after a quick session or two.

We provide a broad learning environment built around a growing library of video lessons, active feedback through swing analysis, competitions and on-field instruction. Our founders have over a combined 13 years of Division 1A (FBS) college and NFL experience as well as on-the-field clinic and large camp coaching.

We are not trying to replace larger camps or ranking services that have become popular today. Those experiences are beneficial both from a social and competitive standpoint. Our video membership site has been designed to help keep ‘kicking on the brain’, all year long, for an investment of one or two live lessons. We hope this format can help kickers and coaches easily learn from our collegiate and professional kicking experience.

Our coaches are available to answer questions, analyze technique, and constantly bring new video topics to the FGK members.

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