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Why Join FGK?

As an FGK Member, you’ll have access to all the content we produce no matter what your level or role in the kicking game.

So, who could benefit from an FGK Membership?

Just getting started kicking? We cover all the topics that you would expect to find with a first year set of private lessons from equipment selections to finding the right swing style. Who do we consider a ‘beginner’?

  • If you have never kicked a football, but think you might like to try it!
  • If you are not currently the kicker for a football team. You may have ‘played around’ with kicking, but only to the degree that you know you want to try out for a team and be the starter one day.
  • If you have been asked to kick because no one else can. Maybe you are a soccer player, or you used to play soccer, and you were just asked to try and kick for the football team. You think you can ‘work into it’ with some help, you are still very green around a football!
Even the best golfers in the world continuously study with a support team to grow and get better.

We’ll talk about dealing with all the distractions that come along with loud stadiums, hash kicking, target times, troubleshooting, kicking in the elements (wind, rain, snow, mud, surfaces), last second field goals, game time management, the mental game, bouncing back from disappointment, competing for the starting job and lots of other challenges that kickers face once they begin kicking for a team and not just for the challenge of learning ‘how’ to kick.

How do you know if you should be studying ‘advanced’ topics with an FGK Membership?

  • You can kick, but you’d like to kick ‘better’. You want to make more field goals, kicker longer field goals or boom the football into the end zone consistently on kick offs!
  • Odds are, you’re not just the starting kicker for your school, you might even have game experience under your belt at this point whether you are in middle school or high school.
  • You’ll have access to advanced topics like power and consistency strategies, mental edge, confidence boosters, drills and practice plans.
You may be as ‘green’ as your young kicker if he is just getting started, or just curious about becoming knowledgeable enough to help guide your advanced kicker in his path toward life after high school.

Either way, we can help you:

  • Become a knowledgeable, coaching resource for your kicker.
  • Make kicking sessions count, challenge, set standards for great workouts!
  • Understand your child’s true potential. Can your kicker kick at the next level both physically AND mentally?
  • Build a knowledge base for other kicking parents. We continuously build content for parents based on YOUR questions our answers and research. You benefit from answers to questions asked by other parents, just as others will benefit from answers to YOUR specific questions.